Alex Redei

My name is Alex Redei. I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Nevada- Reno working under professor Sergiu Dascalu. My research interests include software engineering, HCI, virtual-reality, robotics, and flight simulation and I have a strong background working on world-class robotic systems for automating life science research.

This is my online portfolio. Learn more about my research, my projects, how to hire me, or just to say hello.



This page contains a directory of recent past projects, customers, and laboratories that I've helped program applications for.

Current research pertaining to my PhD dissertation is being submitted to peer-reviewed journals and conference papers and will be added soon.



1001 Weeroona Road
Lidcombe, Australia


Lead role in the development of a forensic cell lysis robot used by the New South Whales police department. Wrote over 10k+ lines of code, used best practices to make system "bomb-proof." Went onsite to perform installation, and training.


One Health Plaza
Hannover, NJ 07936


Developed GUI, database back end, and toolset for a high-throughput ELISA system consisting of 10 robotic-enabled devices utilizing two liquid handlers. The final product is being used to research cancer markers.


428-430 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Onsite troubleshooting of the Eppendorf thermocycler driver. Rewrote driver to handle parallel tasks and concurrent commands. Slowly rebuilt the customer's confidence in the product through site visits and demos.

NOTE: due to the confidential nature of the work, no images of the actual project are shown.


Policia Federal of
Brazilia, Brazil



Key contributor of a forensic DNA robot for the federal police of Brazil (the equivalent of the FBI in America). System was designed to extract DNA from a plethora of samples including blood, saliva, cigarette butts, tissue, and bone.

Went onsite to perform product demonstration and developed a new driver for the Meso Scale reader using an n-tier architecture to allow for flexibility in the event of failures.


Analytical Laboratory

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (and sometimes goes to the analytical laboratory)
— Alex

Strategic forensic involving challenging samples and time pressure. Programmed the card puncher to automate ~600 samples a month, using Promega PowerPlex 18D and GE Whatman collectors (saliva samples), and customized workflow to user specifications.


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